Who is a Logistician (ISTJ)?

Logisticians are individuals with the Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging personality traits. They tend to be quiet and reserved people with a strong sense of duty. Organized and methodical in their approach, logisticians generally succeed at any task given to them.

Logisticians are thought to be the most common personality type, making up about 13 percent of the population. They are primarily driven by information gathered from concrete data, such as routines and traditions, which often makes them pragmatic people.

Logisticians tend to be quiet and self conscious, with an eye for detail. They are also known to be reliable, responsible and well organized, both at work and in their personal life. Logisticians often prefer to work alone as they strive for constant progress and not be hindered by the inability of others. Typical problems a logistician can face is difficulties in dealing with change and a tendency to be skeptical of theoretical possibilities.

When it comes to romantic relationships, logisticians are known to be committed, loyal partners. Once they have made a commitment, they will stick with it until the end. This might seem a bit confusing for people dating logisticians, as they usually have a problem expressing their deepest feelings even though they may be very strongly felt.

Famous Logistician

Angela Merkel, Jeff Bezos, Queen Elizabeth II, Robert De Niro, Eddard Stark (Game of Thrones), Elsa (Frozen), Edward Cullen (Twilight), Dana Scully (X-Files)

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