ISTP / Gemini

Virtuoso (ISTP) - GEMINI

Who is a Virtuoso (ISTP)?

Virtuosos are individuals with the Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be tolerant, flexible and analytical people with an eye for detail. Known for their independence, virtuosos are often seen as observers who make decisions based on objective information, rather than personal beliefs.

They are never more happy than when they are sharing ideas and projects with those around them. Sometimes their enthusiasm can make them seem full of nervous, excited, seemingly manic energy. They are very curious people that love to ask questions and they are often very up to date with the current news and trends. These people njoy novelty, which makes them excellent tinkerers, but much less reliable when it comes to focusing on things long-term. Once something is understood, Virtuoso/Gemini tend to simply move on to something new and more interesting. Long-term commitments are particularly onerous for Virtuoso/Gemini. They prefer to take things day-by-day, and the feeling of being locked into something for a long time is downright oppressive. This can be a particular challenge in their romantic relationships.

Virtuoso/Gemini is motivated by a desire to achieve and utilize technical expertise. They enjoy mastering and manipulating the tools of their trade, whatever they may be: the traditional hammers and saws, or the more modern tools of business or technology. They prefer tasks with a tangible result, and typically feel most satisfied when they have built something concrete. They enjoy troubleshooting and often look for occupations that allow them to apply their skills to solve practical problems. People with this combo love to travel as this allows them to take part in new experiences, and indulge their naturally curious natures. They love bright colors and new experiences, and like to shake up every aspect of their lives with the drop of a hat. Because of their desire to seek novel experiences, they often need variety and lots of mental stimulation. Without that, they get rather bored.

To love a Virtuoso/Gemini means valuing them and the relationship more than always being right. This will smooth things over for them and they will relent and be cuddly and appreciative in return. There can be undercurrents of insecurity in these people that fuel all that moody passion. They just need to know they are adored and accepted and then the path is opened for a fulfilling passionate partnership. A Virtuoso/Gemini in love doesn't like to be smothered. They can happily commit, but please don't expect them to stop being friendly. They are incapable of not being friendly and don't see anything wrong in their behavior, and may become tired of a more possessive partner.

They are spontaneous, casual and easy-going. They usually fail at scheduling their time, as they see schedules stifling to their lifestyle. Preferring to keep things open, they often procrastinate decision making until the last possible moment. This could mean that they turn up unprepared at times, but Virtuoso/Gemini trust their ability to adapt and wing it. They are excellent in a crisis situations. They're usually good athletes, and have very good hand-eye coordination. They are good at following through with a project, and tying up loose ends. They are usually patient individuals, although they may be prone to occasional emotional outbursts due to their inattention to their own feelings.







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