ISTP / Pisces

Virtuoso (ISTP) - PISCES

Who is a Virtuoso (ISTP)?

Virtuosos are individuals with the Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be tolerant, flexible and analytical people with an eye for detail. Known for their independence, virtuosos are often seen as observers who make decisions based on objective information, rather than personal beliefs.

Virtuoso/Pisces have a compelling drive to understand the way things work. They're good at logical analysis, and like to use it on practical concerns. They typically have strong powers of reasoning, although they're not interested in theories or concepts unless they can see a practical application. They like to take things apart and see the way they work. They have an adventuresome spirit. They are attracted to motorcycles, airplanes, sky diving, surfing, etc. They thrive on action, and are usually fearless. Virtuoso/Pisces has a great gut and great intuition, which can guide them well, and help them make creative or intellectual leaps other people might not be able to see or consider. They don't necessarily work the same way as other people do, and they can get things done incredibly quickly. But it's not that they're that much faster than others. It's that the time they may have been caught staring into space are times that are deeply valuable to them, and necessary for any creative process.

They are fiercely independent, needing to have the space to make their own decisions about their next step. They do not believe in or follow rules and regulations, as this would prohibit their ability to "do their own thing". Their sense of adventure and desire for constant action makes them prone to becoming bored rather quickly. Their inner world is so vivid that in their desire to bring that forth and express it, they may be very creative. They do not like to upset others and this can mean that making decisions is difficult for them to do. Often, they can be indecisive if they believe that they can hurt someone’s feelings, and may need a push in order to get things done. They are typically reserved and even aloof. Tolerant and nonjudgmental, they calmly take in the details and facts of their surroundings, noticing sensory data and observing how things work. They often tune into what needs to be done, taking care of the immediate needs of the moment in a modest, inconspicuous way.

Virtuoso/Pisces are hard to get to know at the start, but will share more as they grow comfortable with their partners. They are people of few words, using them economically to achieve their outcomes. However, they think and feel a lot more than most people notice which is why they tend to be underestimated at times. They read the nuances of the unspoken and can see by your body language and what you don't say, how you really feel. It is almost pointless to try to mislead them, as they will know something is up and the trust of the relationship will be hurt. Tread carefully with this person and in return you will reap the benefits in your romance. Their independence can sometimes deem them 'flighty'. This is only because of their hesitation to open themselves up, since they instinctively realize that once they open up, their heart is pretty much handed over to their lover.

These people sometimes feel frustrated that they are seen as "more complicated" than their peers, and that feeling can make them act or seem defensive. Virtuoso/Pisces needs to learn to let down their guard, allow people to love them, and allow for mistakes to be made. Known for their technical mastery and willingness to improvise, they are good at finding unique solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. They desire to explore and learn new things is invaluable in many areas, including their own personal growth.