ISFP / Libra

Adventurer (ISFP) - LIBRA

Who is an Adventurer (ISFP)?

Adventurers are individuals with the Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be spontaneous, friendly and sensitive people with a great sense of integrity. Creative and with a strong aesthetic appreciation, adventurers are also known for their artistic qualities.

Adventurer/Libras are the silk thread weaving together the opposing forces in their lives. Find them reconnecting two family members who let grudges get in the way of Thanksgiving. Or convincing a high school bully to apologize to their classmates. Their gift is making everyone around them feel so wonderfully seen, understood and accepted. They’re masters of listening to life stories and long-winded rants. And if you know a them, you’re lucky to have been on the receiving end of some of the most specific, heartfelt compliments ever crafted. Some people spend their whole lives conforming to established standards and traditions. But these people prefer to dance to the beat of their own drummers, relying on their own instincts to reveal what is right, good and true. They don’t do this as a way to gain attention, or stand out from the crowd. They simply believe that human nature is complex and varied and that everyone’s path should be unique.

They are fascinated by all of the shades of human nature and know how to see everyone in their best light. Craving fun and excitement as they do, they know that life is short and that we must seize the moment before it passes us by. They live extremely active lives, boldly pursuing many hobbies and undertaking many exciting projects. They’re also spontaneous enough to leap at chances for new experiences whenever they might appear. Kind and considerate they are so determined to keep the peace that they frequently suppress their unpleasant emotions or ignore their own needs. Putting people first is great, but they too often forget to include themselves among that privileged group. Unfortunately, they are very sensitive and can have their feelings hurt at the drop of a hat, so their habit of deferring to the interests of others to avoid conflict tends to put them in uncomfortable positions time after time.

They enjoy verbal sparring very much. They are attracted not only to visually attractive people, but especially to persons that are articulate and can hold their attention. They tend to have many friends, old and new and are very popular amongst groups. Being able to comment on world events or any other topic that you know interests they will score you points. If they do feel appreciated, Adventurer/Libras are more than happy to reciprocate in any way they know how. People with this personality combo are very sensual, and in no aspect of their lives is this clearer than in their sex lives. Intimacy is an opportunity for them to satisfy their partners, and they involve every sense available in enjoying these moments. They may be shy in public, but alone with a partner they trust, the masks come off – few people get to see this side, and it’s always a pleasant surprise.

They never miss an opportunity to show their pals how much they care. Little acts of love, like handmade cards or photo albums, are a Adventurer/Libra trademark. They find their sense of self through others. These natural mediators see themselves in each of their friends, which is why they’re able to ease any tension that might bubble up in their group.