ISFJ / Cancer

Defender (ISFJ) - CANCER

Who is a Defender (ISFJ)?

Defenders are individuals with the Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging personality traits. They tend to be humble, hard-working, and enthusiastic people who prefer to focus on the details, rather than the bigger picture. Emotionally orientated, defenders are sensitive to other people's feelings and have a deep understanding of their own.

Defender/Cancer energy wraps us in a warm fleece blanket and hands us a cup of herbal tea. They employ their deep well of empathy to relate to the people (and animals and plants) around them. While other personalities may breeze past an unusually quiet coworker, these people dig deeper: “I know something’s wrong and I’m here to help.” They open our emotional floodgates, receiving our feelings with an open heart and honest guidance. Highly attuned they out of her way to make those in their circle feel deeply understood. Defender/Cancer pour so much of themselves into the well-being of others that she is often left with an empty cup. The care and attention they give is what they so desperately needs in return. They are quick to suppress their own desires for the sake of others, which can show up as passive aggression and resentment over time.

When the goal is right, Defender/Cancer take all this support, reliability and imagination and apply it to something they believe will make a difference in people’s lives – whether fighting poverty with a global initiative or simply making a customer’s day. Defender/Cancer personalities often form an emotional attachment to the ideas and organizations they’ve dedicated themselves to. Anything short of meeting their obligations with good, hard work fails their own expectations. Craving fun and excitement as they do, they know that life is short and that we must seize the moment before it passes us by. These people live extremely active lives, boldly pursuing many hobbies and undertaking many exciting projects. They’re also spontaneous enough to leap at chances for new experiences whenever they might appear. They will not sacrifice their principles for anything, and they have little tolerance for cheaters, liars or hypocrites. Because they are so respectful and find conflict distasteful, If they will not confront people who disappoint them, but they will disassociate themselves from those individuals as soon as they possibly can.

This type wants to be involved in the lives of their loved ones and vice versa – so taking an interest in what they’re interested in means a great deal to them. Make sure you are also verbally expressing your love for your Defender/Cancer – this type relishes in hearing that they are loved and appreciated on a regular basis. Also, try to relieve them of the odd chore or responsibility – they are likely going out of their way to do so for you (without you even noticing) on a regular basis, so they appreciate the reciprocation. Last but not least, show them acts of physical affection whenever possible – they love being hugged and held. Respect and devotion is very important to Defender/Cancers. They are typically not ‘ outlandish or crude at all. Their love style is one of steady quietness that is very appealing long term. Their current in their river of passion runs deep and swift. They make excellent parents as well, bringing their own brand of sensitive parenting to the mix which likely enhances their partners ways. Easy to talk to, they are very empathetic and their sensitivity makes them very alluring and easy to love.






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