INTJ / Aries

Architect (INTJ) - ARIES

Who is an Architect (INTJ)?

Architects are individuals with the Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging personality traits. They tend to be intelligent and competent people with high expectations on both themselves and people around them. Being independent thinkers, architects are often viewed as effective problem solvers.

The combination of the ARCHITECT + ARIES is a strong one! As one of the rarest personality types – and one of the most capable – Architects (INTJs) are rational and quick-witted and combined with the fire and leadership skills of Aries, it gives them excellent organizational skills and you’ll rarely meet one of these personalities who aren’t capable of finishing several things at once.

These personalities can be both the boldest of dreamers and the bitterest of pessimists, but they are ruled by the head and lead with the head. They believe that, through willpower and intelligence, they can achieve even the most challenging of goals. But they may be cynical about human nature more generally, assuming that most people are lazy and unimaginative. They want to be successful, not just inventive and are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always trying to be first in everything, from work to social gatherings.

In school, people with this personality type may have been called “bookworms” or “nerds.” This however isn’t something that this personality type takes as a negative. They are confident in their ability to teach themselves about – and master – any topic that interests them, whether it may be in science, arts or sports. Independent and ambitious they often know from a young age where they want to go in life and might want to separate from their family earlier than others. These children are very active and need a lot of exercise, both for their bodies and minds and can be quite the handful for their parents to handle, since they will continuously challenge them in their everyday life.

These people question everything and prefer to make their own discoveries. In their quest to find better ways of doing things, they aren’t afraid to break the rules or risk disapproval. The Architect/Aries are risk takers and might have quite the temper and should be mindful of not becoming reckless or overly competitive and seeing everything as a fierce fight to the death. On the other side of that coin you’ll find a witty, fun, energetic, very romantic and passionate friend or partner.

For these personalities life is like a giant game of chess. Relying on strategy rather than chance, they contemplate the strengths and weaknesses of each move before they make it. And they never lose faith that, with enough ingenuity and insight, they can find a way to win. When it comes to the workplace the natural leadership skills of the Architect/Aries can be a tremendous asset, but they might also lack some tact on occasion by being too outspoken and direct. Architect/Aries aren’t especially comfortable with public displays of affection although they can be rather flirty. The more they need to work for their prize the more they’ll cherish your love when they have it. When they believe that a relationship has potential, they will give it their all, working to maintain stability and the fire of the Aries might consume you with their passion!









Lack of patience

Overly critical