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Entertainer (ESFP) - TAURUS

Who is an Entertainer (ESFP)?

Entertainers are individuals with the Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be playful, energetic and fun-loving people who loves to be where the action is. Spontaneous and enthusiastic by nature, entertainers are known to fill their lives with hobbies, activities and - most importantly - friends!

Entertainer/Taurus might no be the most outgoing of the bunch. They analyze people before letting them in and are extremely faithful once they do. Having a strong need for security and stability the world is meant to be felt and experienced. Truth is stranger than fiction, and they prefer to see and do than to wax philosophical about “what-ifs”. While they are fun-loving and do not shun the spotlight, they are more interested in simply living in the present and doing what feels right at that moment. They can be very lazy, but if you present them with something they really want, they can be very productive. these people have a tendency to over indulge in everything, like food, drink, sex etc.

They are likely to be very practical, although they hate structure and routine. They like to "go with the flow", trusting in their ability to improvise in any situation presented to them. They learn best with "hands-on" experience, uncomfortable with theory. They may tend to avoid situations which involve a lot of theoretical thinking, on the other hand, they do extremely well in situations where they're allowed to learn by interacting with others, or in which they "learn by doing". They know a lot of people, but have very few real friends and they will only defend you if you’re right. Always keeping it honest and real.

These people “like” a lot but they don’t love easily. Once they do though, you’ll never see another love like it! They love unconditionally with their mind, body and soul. They like focusing on fun, sometimes quirky subjects rather than deep, soul-searching expressions. Topics like the past and the future, the sciences and politics are all routinely ignored by these personalities. They have a very interesting balance of submissiveness and independence in a relationship, making them very easy going. They also have a tendency to rather stick it out, than change it up. Strongly emotional and very vulnerable to criticism – they can feel like they’ve been backed into a corner, sometimes reacting badly. This is probably Entertainer/Taurus greatest weakness, because it makes it so hard to address any other weaknesses brought to light.

Entertainer/Taurus sometimes ignore and avoid conflict entirely, but if backed into a corner they will charge straight at you! Without constant excitement, these people find ways to create it themselves. Risky behavior, self-indulgence, and the pleasures of the moment over long-term plans are all things they get into a little too often. They rarely make detailed plans for the future. To them, things come as they come, and they rarely bother with taking the time to lay out steps and consequences, with the belief that they could change at any moment. They are true masters of manipulation, but will rarely use that ability in real life, because they’re so genuine. Scared of the word schedule and true believers in that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.








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